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ESUCC Committee Meetings

REWARDS TOT - participants will become certified to provide training and support to teachers on REWARDS Intermediate and Secondary after the two day training.

REWARDS is a research-based reading program for grades 4-12 which teaches students a flexible strategy for decoding long words and increasing oral and silent reading fluency, particularly in content-area passages. The REWARDS strategy for decoding long words by segmenting them into parts is key to the creatively designed exercises in this program, and helps students learn to read long words with confidence! REWARDS can be used as an effective intervention in general and special education, remedial reading, summer school, and after school programs.  

ESUCC Board Meetings

PDO Event #1 - 2018-2019 ~ September 11, 2018 (2 days)
A Collaborative Effort PDO, NOC, SDA, TAG, ESPD, IMAT, ESU CC, Distance Ed, BlendEd, Higher Ed, TLT
PDO Event #1 - 2018-2019

SRS Advisory Meeting

This is the list of the ESU Coordinating Council members.  

Click here to see a list of ESUCC Members. https://www.esupdo.org/Accounts/AccountList.aspx