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TLT Meeting - 2019-2020

Catlin Tucker's workshop will address how to:

  • Support the implementation of high quality blended instruction
  • Employ practice-based coaching
  • Engage in focused observations
  • Collaborate with individual teachers

Open to all ESU staff. Register early!

Registrations opens up to school district in March.

  • Limited spots available
  • Contact your ESU for information
  • $100 fee per district participant

For more information: Catlin Tucker Flyer

TLT Leadership Meeting ~ August 25, 2020
A Collaborative Effort TLT, TAG, IMAT, Distance Ed, BlendEd
TLT Leadership Meetings

ESUCC Information Services Committee ~ September 02, 2020
A Collaborative Effort ESU CC, NOC, TAG, IMAT, Distance Ed, BlendEd, TLT
Information Services to include Technology and Coop Committees

PDO Meeting - Visible Learning with Karen Flories ~ September 08, 2020 (2 days)
A Collaborative Effort PDO, NOC, SDA, TAG, ESPD, IMAT, ESU CC, Distance Ed, BlendEd, Higher Ed, TLT